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Med vores omfattende erfaring samt vore konsulenters høje kompetenceniveau kan DAH Planning & Analysis med rette kalde sig specialister indenfor effektiv planlægning, projektstyring, ledelsesrapportering med meget mere. Vores ydelser inkluderer -

  • Planlægning af større projekter
  • Udvidelse af eksisterende planer
  • Eksekvering og implementering af planer
  • Ledelsesrapportering
  • Avigelseshåndtering
  • Uddannelse og kurser
  • Konsulentydelser

"Planning is an essential part of any journey towards a successful project. Any idea is in essence, a plan in fetus stage/ a suggestion/ a notion as to what is hoped for, what is worked towards.

When an idea is then put into action, it needs to be communicated. Planning is therefore also communication, the art of catching the only imagined, into and onto a defined medium, which can be distributed and shared, with others, to enable the idea to grow and become a viable, assesable, budgetable and measurable venture.

A basic baseline is set up. A starting point and a boundary. The boundary can be money, time, space, a finished product or project. Once these two defining points are in place, the body grows. How much input versus growth is wanted or available will determine the weight of the body.

The size of the project will typically determine how detailed the plan will be. The more detailed, the better the control. Often, the project manager's personality will determine how effective a plan is. Output is all relative to input. A plan is a living, breathing creature, and will accomodate any requirements as long as it is updated unbiasedly. A plan is a model of reality, any changes in reality must also feature in the plan

Milestones are the watchmen of any project. They are put in place to warn of any problems while they are still on the horizon, thus enabling them to be addressed before they become an issue for the project. Their goal in life is to prevent loss of time, money or resources. They are a big reason why a plan is made. To save money.

A plan is also documentation. What happened? How did we do it? When did that happen? Who did it? Who has responsibility? A plan is a legally accepted document, showing the course of action. In these days of accountability, this can be an expensive issue. In the pressured dealings of a site, often characterised by long working hours and continual shifts, it can be difficult to remember what happened last week, three weeks ago, or even two years ago. A solid plan can be relied upon to recreate what happened.

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